Grand Villa Casino Burnaby

Wasn’t here to gamble, but rather for a 3day  festival in March. I was really looking forward to the buffet but I guess Vegas spoiled me, as well as Xmas eve dinners at Riverrock. The food, to me was just barely edible. For dinner: ham and roast beef, plus self serve ice cream being the better offerings. Soups were decent.
Brunch time: typical steamed egg, turkey sausage, bacon and small pieces of waffle, cup Iogo yogurt etc. The dinner was 19 and brunch 13, a further discount is applied if you have the Casino encore card (same as the one from River rock).
Pastry dessert is similar to the more “modest” offerings one would find at superstore =(

In general the staff are just modestly well trained, a friend who checked in earlier asked to have their room with us. Later when we checked in they were clueless.
I also asked where I could access a vending machine that sold juice and no one knew (it’s on the hotel suite floors) and directed me to the bar instead. I don’t gamble but, some of the dealers at the tables looked like they were high school students, banks don’t even hire such immature looking staff so….
To top it off, they didn’t offer late check outs at the time we were there..
It’s no more than a 3star hotel, budget but new-ish.
Mental note, for the future, make a reservation and eat in or take out from the 2nd floor restaurant, call early to confirm rooms, arrive earlier to get a better parking spot, request late check out beforehand.

Grand Villa Casino in Burnaby Dining

Grand Villa Casino in Burnaby
4320 Dominion Street
Burnaby, BC
Phone: 604-436-2211

Hotel at the Grand Villa Casino Burnaby

The spacious gaming floor, spread over two levels, is alive with the energy of over 50 gaming tables and 1000 slot machines.

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Grand Villa Burnaby Centro Bar

Grand Villa Burnaby Centro Bar

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