River Rock Casino Richmond BC

I am thoroughly impressed by how clean our room was. It may be one of the cleanest hotels I’ve stayed in.

We had a room in the hotel tower on the 8th floor that looked toward the sky train tracks. I travel with ear plugs but honestly even without them, the noise wasn’t that loud. I heard a few planes but that was okay as well.

The bed was very comfortable but the pillows were huge and too firm. They would be fine as bolsters. Not pillows. I think a chiropractor would be horrified to see anyone sleeping on something so large

There were no windows that opened. I would have loved a fresh breeze to come in. Their was no extraction fan in the bathroom. That was odd. And it took a long time for the mirrors to clear up after a shower.

The shower was lovely. Great pressure but the hot water in the bathroom was certainly above a safe level for the elderly or babies. Shockley hot. As adults though, this wasn’t a big concern for us.

So why only three stars?

Apart from the lack of an opening window and extraction fan, the staff at the front desk in the hotel seemed to have an odd attitude. Almost as though it was a bother for them to assist me. Simple things – I went to ask for the parking code. I was given it coldly. Upon checking out, the encounter was bland. Very bland. No questions about how my stay was. No “Thanks so much for coming — please be sure to come again”. They should honestly contact the Magnolia Hotel in Victoria. The front desk staff there are honestly excited to interact with their guests. They smile. Such a simple thing. A smile. I interacted with three or four River Rock front desk staff. All bland and no smiles or nice small talk.

We had breakfast at the buffet. The waffles were tasty as was the fresh fruit. But much else was bland. To be fair, perhaps the Chinese food at the buffet was good — I didn’t try it.

There was a selection of muffins, yogurts, cereal… but not a lot that would make it worth paying for. Again I’d use the word ‘bland’ here.

The pool looked like fun. We didn’t use it though. Kids would love it.

Location wise, you don’t need a car as you can take the skytrain into Vancouver from the hotel as well as access the ferries and airport using the sky train.

We did have our car with us and the parking was frustrating to be sure! I think it would be a great idea for there to be parking directions in a conformation email. Simple to do. Parking was free which was good.

Overall, three out of five seems like a fair rating. The River Rock really needs to run some in-services with their staff on how to make guests feel like guests and not in-laws they’d rather not deal with.

I do hope the manager can congratulate the house keeping team on the 8th floor. They were amazing. Wow! They know how to clean thoroughly!

Would I return? Yes. That’s how much I appreciate a clean hotel.

River Rock Casino in Richmond BC

World class entertainment, gaming, luxury accommodations and more, the dazzling 70,000 square foot casino at River Rock near the Vancouver Airport. Home of the River Rock Show Theatre

River Rock Hotel and Casino 
The Hotel is part of the River Rock Casino which features a full gaming Casino with numerous Restaurants, Show Lounge, Theatre and SPA.

River Rock Hotel and Casino Dining

Map to Casinos in Vancouver

8811 River Road
Richmond BC
(604) 273-1895
Toll Free1-866-467-8344

River Rock Casino Richmond
River Rock Casino Richmond

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