River Rock Casino Richmond BC

Excitement galore in this beautiful facility. First class casino with an outstanding hotel. Convenient to the airport. Great dining in the entire complex

I’ve always enjoyed this casino especially since they built the hotel. There are a few drinking areas within the casino and hotel. You can have a bite to eat and relax when not gambling.

My husband and I went here while waiting for the buffet line to get a little shorter. There is a large selection of gaming machines, ranging from 1 cent, 5 cent, 25 cent, dollar, etc. It was very busy and we did notice some large winners, however we were not included with the winning group.

River Rock Casino in Richmond BC

World class entertainment, gaming, luxury accommodations and more, the dazzling 70,000 square foot casino at River Rock near the Vancouver Airport. Home of the River Rock Show Theatre

River Rock Hotel and Casino 
The Hotel is part of the River Rock Casino which features a full gaming Casino with numerous Restaurants, Show Lounge, Theatre and SPA.

River Rock Hotel and Casino Dining

Map to Casinos in Vancouver

8811 River Road
Richmond BC
(604) 273-1895
Toll Free1-866-467-8344

River Rock Casino Richmond
River Rock Casino Richmond

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