Starlight Casino New Westminster

The Starlight Casino is open 24 hours, and is close enough to the center of New Westminster to be an easy-access destination at night if you’re in New West and other places are closed.

The casino slots are tight enough to make the gambling an uphill experience, and the food turned out to be a gamble also. Dishes are middling at best, served warm rather than hot. You get the impression that the food is precooked and reheated. Prices aren’t low either, unlike many other casinos.

If you go to this place for the food, best to start with modest expectations.

Oh no another BC casino with very tight slot machines but many to choose from. One buffet restaurant which is average at the best. Lots of parking and they do pick up customers in New Westminster.

Starlight Casino New Westminster
350 Gifford Street
New Westminster, BC

Located in the Queensborough area of New Westminster, Starlight offers  850 slot machines, 45 gaming tables, and Vancouver’s newest poker room, including electronic tables. For the High Limit and VIP player, experience the ultimate in personal service, including exclusive access to the private bar and patio.

Starlight Casino Dining
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StarLight Casino Bar
StarLight Casino Bar

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