Edgewater Casino Vancouver

The place looks like an abandoned factory, but that I couldn’t care less. If you’re interested in poker, this is not the place for you. Never in my life have I seen a poker room this poorly ran, and I have travelled quite a lot. They would rather have waiting lists of 60+ than to have dealers on standby. I was astonished when I went there for the first time and saw tons of empty table and a double digit waiting list. I had never seen this.

For tournaments it’s even worse, the very few tournaments they host have player caps. For example, their daily morning tournament has player cap of 27 players. If you don’t arrive an hour early you won’t be able to get in, but you’ll be able to sit at one of the dozens of empty table.

Generally free parking here unless there is a major even happening nearby (ie football game, hockey game, concert). The Bistro also has pretty good, clean food for a relatively good price.

Edgewater Casino Vancouver
Vancouver’s premier Downtown Casino located on the North Shore of False Creek just a few steps from Roger’s Arena and BC Place!
750 Pacific Blvd South
Vancouver BC
604-254-1631 or 1-800-677-7702.
Edgewater Casino is open 24 hours, 7 days a week

Dining at Edgewater Casino
Map to Casinos in Vancouver

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